Lockdown: the ideal time for a little wordplay

This ANZAC weekend is really turning on the sun at our place, and being still in Lockdown Level 4 until Tuesday means I am making the most of it.

Life seems to like mixing it up with the good and the not-so-good, don’t you find? For me at the moment, this means that I’m busier than ever with ‘work’ work – the stuff I do to pay the bills (and very grateful for it, too, when many others aren’t so lucky right now). As a result, though, I’m also less able to put the time I’d like into my creative practice.

But it’s not all bad! The flip-side is that I’m learning to play with words again, and having a go at writing a little poetry.

Who knew writing poems could be so ‘unserious’ – even fun?!

A huge bonus for me is that I’ve recently celebrated having my first poem accepted for publication! Of course, with the Covid-19 situation going on I’m having to wait for the actual hard copy to arrive in my mailbox. But I can at least share the cover with you – yay!

And if you’d like to support NZ poetry and those supporting fledgling poets like myself, check out the NZPS site and get yourself a copy of a fine line magazine on order!

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